10 February, 2009

Workers strike in solidarity with Palestine

Tadamon reports that workers at Al-Masriya Fertilizer in Suez went on a sudden strike on Saturday, protesting the export of fertilizers to Israel. Hossam al-Hamalawy posted a short summary in English on Jaiku:

"Al Masriyya Fertilizer is a company owned by Unsi and Naseef Sawiris, under the umbrella of Orascom for Construction. The company signed a deal to export 1000 tons of phosphate fertilizers to Israel, (100 tons a week). The company has a labor force of roughly 800. Two days ago the packaging workers were shocked to see the management asking them to package the products in unmarked bags to be transported "somewhere" by Jordanian truck drivers. The workers (around 100) went on strike suspecting rightly this shipment was for Israel. The management cracked down, deducting 15-days of everyone's salary!"

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