13 February, 2009

Censoring solidarity

By closing down Philip Rizk's blog Tabulagaza, which deals mostly with the humanitarian situation in Gaza and not least the effect's of Israels war and ongoing blockade of the strip, the Egyptian state security has effectively proved that their kidnapping of Philip Rizk was not about suspicions of "spying for Israel" or smuggling arms for Hamas - it was about silencing a vocal supporter of the Palestinians and critic of the regime's Gaza policies. If anyone had any doubts.


  1. I found the blog is opened to invited readers..
    Which means Philip did it himself..

    Correct me if I am wrong..

  2. Philip said during the pressconference after his release that they did it, he has no longer access to his blog or his personal e-mail.

  3. You can still access most of the pages using Google cache. I am trying to download the Google Cache copies for creating a mirror of the site.

    Here is an example of a cached page.