09 February, 2009

Updates on Philip Rizk

Some updates on Philip Rizk:

State security has inofficially confirmed that he is being held for "further questioning."

Protests will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 10 am on the AUC campus, demanding his release.

Another protest is planned on Tuesday, 6 pm, outside the Press Syndicate in Downtown Cairo to demand the release of a number of pro-Gaza detainees, including: Philip Rizk, Magdy Hussein, Ahmed Doma, Mohamed Adel, Ahmed Kordy.

Meanwhile, if you are not in Egypt and cannot join these protests, another way to honor Philip and other political detainees in Egypt is to join any pro-Palestine protest or campaign in your area. Phillip Rizk did not commit any other crime than being a passionate supporter of the human rights of the Palestinian people. Wherever he is, I'm sure that what he would want more than anything right now is for more people around the world to speak up against the occupation and the complicity of governments around the world in the systematic ethnic cleansing- and apartheid policies being pursued by Israel...

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