10 February, 2009

Articles on Philip Rizk - another pro-Gaza blogger arrested

The New York Times has a good report today on the detention of Philip Rizk: "Van Spirits Away Protester in Egypt, Signaling Crackdown on Criticism Over Gaza." It includes this quote by an angry general working within the Interior ministry:

“This happened within the framework of the Egyptian law. You can go to the office of the general prosecutor. I have no information about Philip. Who said they don’t know where he is? What is the secret behind the interest of The New York Times in Philip? Are you working for human rights organizations?”

It's funny he should say that, considering we did go to the general prosecutor, who claimed he doesn't know anything about the whole thing.

The Chicago Sun-Times also reports that around 40 people gathered outside the Egyptian consulate on Northern Michigan yesterday to demand Philip's release.

Meanwhile, AFP reports that 22 year old pro-Palestinian blogger Diaeddin Gad was also detained in Gharbiyya on Friday.

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