05 January, 2009

Socialists demonstrate - and another security crackdown

Socialists and other opposition activists demonstrated in front of the Press Syndicate today in solidarity with Gaza, denouncing the complicity of the Egyptian regime in the Israeli blockade and assault. (Click the pic for a small set on flickr.)

There was also massive security presence in and around Tahrir Square today as the Muslim Brotherhood had called for a demo. A group of demonstrators actually succeeded to assemble briefly in front of the Mogamma but I didn't hear any chanting and they left peacefully when ordered to by plainclothes security agents. Also, the same officer who confiscated the memory card of my camera on friday was there and stole another card before letting me go. You now officially owe me approx. 200 Egyptian pounds, mr I'm-really-tough-when-backed-up-by-an-army-of-riot-police-and-thugs.

The MB website reports that checkpoints was set up at entrances to Cairo since early morning to prevent people from other governorates to participate in the demo. I was at the 'aboud bus station, connecting Cairo to the Delta, around 4 and can confirm that the place was swarming with plainclothes officers and uniformed police. Also, in the nearby street leading towards Shubra I counted to 32(!) central security trucks - I haven't seen that many in one place since on 6 and 7 April in Mahalla el-Kubra.

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  1. Thanks for the photos and coverage. Sorry for the memory card. Do you have a photo of that officer?