13 January, 2009

Mahalla sit-in enters fourth day

The Mahalla sit-in continues. I just talked to an activist in Mahalla who said the talks is still going on, but the union activists are also ready to escalate the protest...

For readers not familiar with the ongoing struggle in Mahalla and its significance, a good background is provided in this article in Middle East Report by Joel Beinin: "The Militancy of Mahalla al-Kubra".

For Swedish readers I wrote a series of articles, with some available online here:

"Kampen hårdnar i Egypten"
"Intifadan i Mahalla"
"Åtalade i Mahalla riskerar långa fängelsestraff"
"Egyptisk protest mot privatisering"

And click the pic below for a collection of photos from the Mahalla protests in April:

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