17 January, 2009

Mahalla sit-in continues - workers threatened with dismissal

The sit-in of independent union leaders in Mahalla continues, now entering the eight day. I just spoke to one of them, who accused the state-controlled union to conspire with the management to fire those who have taken part in the sit-in. Previously during the week, negotiations have taken place between the workers and local union officials, but the latter have consistently demanded that the workers end their sit-in before the union can take any measures on their behalf...

Here is a report from el-badeel, that also mentions that 800 workers at "al-swidi lil-kabalaat" (Swedish Cables?) ended a strike after being promised a raise in wages within two months. Does anyone know anything about this company? I mean, is it really Swedish...?

Pic above: Some of the workers during the third day of the sit-in.


  1. No, Egyptian. It is a family that goes by that name. Would be interesting to find the etymology, though.

  2. Ah... thank you for the clarification. Interesting name...

  3. Swidi doesn't only mean from Sweden. Swidi is Arabic for calisthenics.

    Oh, well.