14 January, 2009

Blaming the victims - propaganda approaching the surreal

The argument that Hamas is "hiding behind civilians" has been become like the pro-Israeli Declaration of Faith recently. By invoking this religious mantra, targeting any part of the Gaza prison can be justified. But the Secretary-General of "Swedish Israel Information" approaches the surreal in this article where she puts all blame on Hamas for the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza:

"What chocks me even more than Israels warfare is Hamas's total lack of concern for its own civilian population. /.../ Hamas deploys landmines, anti-tank guns, and bombs in regular neighbourhoods in Gaza City, hurting their own more than Israel."

Huh? I'm at a total loss here. Perhaps it would be better if those bombs and anti-tank guns were deployed in regular neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv? Unfortunately for the people of Gaza though, that's not where the Israeli tanks are...

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