31 December, 2008

Police crackdown on Cairo protests

There was a heavy police crackdown on protests held in solidarity with Gaza around Cairo today: in Tahrir Square, outside Cairo university, and outside the lawyers syndicate. Many were arrested including socialists, Muslim Brotherhood activists and journalists from local newspaper el-badeel. In all three cases I and other journalists was harrased by police and plain clothes officers who also tried to prevent photographing. I'll be posting a longer report on the blog as soon as I have time - probably not untill tomorrow. Meanwhile here is some photos.

I also recieved (non-confirmed) news that journalists from al-badeel and al-doustour is calling for a demonstration protesting the systematic assaults on journalists outside the press syndicate tonight, at 19.00.
Below: demonstrators beeing arrested by plainclothes police in Ramses Street.

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