21 December, 2008

Industrial Action Report - December 1-14

The Egyptian Workers and Trade Union Watch has issued a report for the first two weeks of December. Click the pic below to download the report (in arabic) from Hossam al-Hamalawy's blog, or read a short summary in English below.

The number of observed protests (reported in media) during this period was 26, in 22 different workplaces. 6 took place in the industrial sector, and 22 in the services sector. At total of least 8000 workers took part in demonstrations, sit-ins, or strikes during this period. The relative decline in the number of industrial actions (there was 34 protests including 33.000 workers in the two first weeks of November) is attributed to the 'eid al adha holidays, which in many government institutions and companies lasted for a whole week - or half the period covered by the report.

One of the protests took place at Telemasr (producer of televisions, radios, and other electrical appliances) in Giza, where 250 workers refused work on 4 december to protest the arbitrary dismissal of Karima Farg, a member of the union committe at the company. 520 workers protested again on 14 december at the dismissal of Karima and 14 other workers that took place in the demonstration the week before.

Another protest involved 400-700 workers at Masr-Monufeiya Spinning and Weaving in the Mubarak Industrial Zone in Monufeiya, who entered a strike on the morning of 13 december, because they did not received their full salaries at the beginning of the month. The company blamed the delay on lack of liquidity.

Also, postal workers on temporary contracts demonstrated on 1 december outside the head office of the postal authorities in midan 'ataba, against the refusal to give them permanent contracts. They refused to form a delegation to meet the head of the postal authorities because the head of the postal workers union asked to see their personal ID-cards, a demand which made them fear possible persecution.

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