27 December, 2008

From Cairo to Gaza

A protest was held at the stairs of the Press Syndicate in downtown Cairo today, against the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that killed at least 200. I arrived late, when most participants had already left, but around a 100 socialist, nasserist, and islamist (Hizb al-3amal) activists were still present, shouting chants directed mainly against the Egyptian president for his support to the siege of Gaza. Some of the protestors also pointed to the symbolic fact that it was during her visit to Cairo on Thursday that Tzipi Livni vowed to "strike back" at Hamas.
"Ending the situation in Gaza and Palestine starts here in Cairo," said one of the activists. "We didn't come here today just to demand an end of the siege of Gaza, but to the demand the end of the regime of the zionist Mohamed Hosni Mubarak!"
After a short debate, the demonstrators agreed to call for a new demonstration outside the maglis as-sha3b [the parliament] at 12.00 tomorrow, Sunday.
In other news: While the people of Gaza was taking care of their wounded and counting the dead the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas sent his security forces to disperse protestors hurling stones at Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank. No wonder this guy is so admired by the West!

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