15 June, 2009

Labour updates

The activists at Tadamon is continuing their great work in covering the labour movement. Some updates from the last few days:

* 6 labour leaders at Misr-Iran Spinning and Weaving (in Suez) has been fired.

* 250 workers at Fayyoum Sugar Co. staged a sit-in that lasted three days, demanding that the company's budget be revealed so that workers can know their proper bonuses, the payment of overtime, as well as the reinstatement of a labour activist that had been fired. The last demand is accordance with a court verdict on 27 May (companies regularly ignore to implement verdicts like this, with impunity it seems.) The sit-in was suspended on Saturday evening, after the management had agreed to some demands (including a substantial raise of the food allowance from 2 to 10 pounds/day) and promised to discuss others in a meeting on 25 June.

* Meanwhile, the Tanta Flax and Oils Co strike is now on its third week...

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