30 June, 2009

Hypocrisy Beyond all Imagination

Interesting from the LA Times: "The Egyptian state-managed Al Ahram newspaper has published a number of articles that represented the government's position [on Iran]. Most of those articles asked the international community in general and Western countries in particular not to stand and watch the Iranian regime's oppressive tactics against demonstrators."

This from a government that bans all protests and tortures its own people, while routinely accusing opposition activists, independent journalists or critical bloggers of being "foreign agents"? That's priceless.

1 comment:

  1. We measure governments and politicians reactions based on moral values and be surprised of the outcome.
    What Cairo want is a failure of the 'Islamic' state in Iran. If it was a military dictatorship (or any other form of state with no 'Islamic' in the title) it would've been required to 'enforce the law and restore peace' to Tehran.
    It's the same stand of the right-wing neocons in the US. They care so much about 'human rights' that they're pressuring Obama for a tougher stand and can't believe that he's regarding US national security in his statements. These are the same people who said that human rights can take a break when it comes to waterboarding because of 'National Security considerations'.

    Having said that, and back to measures of normal people. This is Hypocrisy Beyond all Imagination.