14 May, 2009

Report: Impact of global crisis on Egyptian workers

The Center for Trade Union and Workers' Services released its second monthly report about the impact of the global economic crisis on Egyptian workers. It's downloadable in English on their website. Some excerpts from the introduction:

* The monitoring team affirms that tens of labor sites in many of Egypt's governorates were affected, particularly in new industrial areas which lack any protection for workers"

* The global financial crisis uncovers the black labor market, for private sector workers in general and new industrial city workers in particular. It also uncovers the absence of any official union organization role in these industrial cities as the number of union committees in a city like Sadat city does not exceed 10 despite the presence of over 2,000 industrial establishments."

* The government still lacks a clear work plan to face this crisis. It continues to be silent in the face of the employers who laid off workers and reduced their salaries and incentives. The government discourse continues to ignore workers and their rights while focusing only on measures to support businessmen.

For March and April CTUWS observers recorded layoffs affecting a total of almost 12.000 workers in the textile sector, but it should be noted that most layoffs in this sector probably occured in the previous period, between november and february.

Pic above: Oil workers protesting layoffs outside the Ministry of Manpower, Monday 11 May.

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