03 May, 2009

Mahalla blogger threatened by dismissal

Kareem el-Beheiry, who runs the blog "Workers of Egypt," reports that he is being threatened by dismissal (once again...) by the general manager of Misr Spinnng and Weaving in Mahalla for repeated absence from work. Kareem writes that he was in fact repeatedly prevented to enter the company offices in Cairo (to which he was transfered in November after taking part in a anti-privatization protest at the factory - a decision that has been challenged in court by labour lawyers) on the grounds that he came a few minutes late. The first time Beheiry was fired was back in 2007, after he started reporting about labour activism and corruption within the management on his blog - that time he was returned to his work only after some workers threatened to organize protests and strikes in solidarity with him.

Pic above: Kareem in sunglasses talking to striking real estate tax collectors during their 11-day sit in in december 2007.

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