04 November, 2009

Swedes against Islamophobia

As many Egyptians are becoming more cynical about facebook-activism, more than 200.000 Swedes (in a country of 9 million) has joined a facebook group protesting the right-wing party Sverigedemokraterna ("Swedish Democrats"), whose leader recently published an article describing islam and muslims as the gravest foreign threat against democracy in Sweden since the second world war. I don't think this is going to end islamophobia and racism in Sweden or prevent SD from reaching the parliament in the elections next year (polls show them hovering around the necessary 4 percent of the votes), but at least it's a way of giving inspiration and courage to all those who are prepared to take the fight.


  1. Per you are a personal hero of mine, Honestly you make me wonder, I'm an Egyptian living in Europe, and I don't see any reason that a European would give a heck about what's going on in Egypt, but people who care, they do exist

    and if there's one thing the swedes deserve from us, it's Respect. While Egypt and most Arabs are turning their back on middle east problems, (Palestine, Iraq...etc.) the news about Swedish support never stops.

    You're doing a great job, that makes all of us Egyptians feel ashamed of our dereliction. Your efforts are affecting us and your message is being heard

  2. Yes, why would a European "give a heck about what's going on in Egypt"? I sometimes ask myself the same question :)
    But each comment like that one will keep me blogging for another year :)