06 April, 2009

"Day of anger" in pics

I don't have much to add about today's events (here is an AP report and here is Sarah Carr's report in The Daily News), so I'm just posting some pics that kind of sums up the day.

1) Some of the participans in the small but loud anti-Mubarak protest outside the press syndicate:

2) The media and Ayman Nour - a love story? (Ooops, just watching 'ashara masa'an on Dream 2 and the main story today seem to be the alleged divorce between Nour and his wife...):

3) Plainclothes police/thugs outside the state council, keeping the situation under control:

4) Central security was out in full force, sometimes falling asleep on their posts:

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  1. I asked one of the CSF forces and he said that they were mobilised from their camps at 4:00 am in the morning.