08 March, 2009

Egypt's struggling women

As a simple tribute on International Women's Day, here's a few pics from some of the social and political struggles that took part in Egypt during the last couple of years, where women often played central roles and sometimes proved to be more militant than the men.

In the Mahalla demonstrations on 6-7 April 2008:

And in the struggle of the Mahalla textile workers:
In the more than 9-month struggle of the Kafr al-Elou families for just compensation from the state after they were forcibly evicted from their homes:

In the strike of the real estate tax collectors in December 2007, leading to the founding of Egypt's first free union in more than 50 years:

During the 11-day sit-in outside the cabinet in downtown Cairo, many of the female tax collectors set up their own tents in order to be able to camp out in the street together with their male colleagues:

In the Student Day protest against education fees and security interventions on campuses:

And, of course, during the massive protests against the war on Gaza:

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